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3/19 Travis Penrod - Modified (Lake Country Speedway)
3/26 Danny Morris - Southern Sport Mod (Lake Country Speedway)

Bills Built Modifieds have been around for years and they are the 'BEST KEPT SECRET' in modified racing.

Bob Bills builds 'quality' race cars and they are winners. Many Bills Built drivers have won multiple features, track championships, series championships & big $$ races as well.

It doesn't matter if you are racing on a bull ring or a 1/2 mile track. Bills Built Modifieds work!

Superior craftsmanship, attention to detail & personalized service is what sets Bills Built Modifieds apart from other chassis makers.

Bob Bills, the owner and fabricator of Bills Built Race Cars, has many years of experience in building race cars from the ground up. His skills are impeccable. To see proof of this, just look at one of his cars.

Bills works long hours and makes sure he gives you the best chance at getting into VICTORY LANE! The only way he can do that is to give you the best modified he can. By personally working on each and every car in the shop, Bills knows that he is getting the job done.

Staying up with the latest technology is also important to the folks at Bills Built Race Cars. Whether you want an over slung car, under slung, outlaw, IMCA car, Bob Bills can do it all. Bills is with you every step of the way, even after you leave the shop.

Bob Bills takes pride in each car that he makes and sells each and every year. Once you leave with your new car, the experience of research and development takes over at Bills Built Race Cars.

Bob Bills is available for consultation any time you need him. There are many times when you will see Bob at the track! Or if you request it, he will come and help you out. Bills knows that the value of his success is based on the success of his race cars and so far they have been very SUCCESSFUL!

With all of this information you are probably wondering why you don't see more Bills Built Race Cars at your local track? Bob Bills is all about quality more than quantity. To Bob Bills it's more important to build 30 Top Quality cars than it is to churn out 100 or 200 cars. It's amazing that more people haven't gotten into a Bills Built Race Car. Not only is the car an A #1 piece, but their prices are insane.

Starting at $14,500 a modified racer can get a complete rolling chassis. Compared to other chassis makers, this saves racers another $7 to $8,000 they can put somewhere else into their race team. Bob Bills is thinking about you, the racer!

There are many different options at Bills Built Race Cars. You can buy what you want, when you want it. Something that others don't do. Bob Bills doesn't make you buy a complete car each and every year. Buy what you want, when you need it! It's worth repeating.

Bills Built Race Cars is a company that is here for the racers. We want you to be SUCCESSFUL. We will do everything that we can to make sure of this...

Look at the pictures of our work above. BillsBuilt Race Cars also builds Northern & Southern Sport Mods, B Mods & Grand Nationals. Give Bob Bills a call today.....


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5607 N. Broadway - Wichita, KS - 67219 (316-304-7892)
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